Which winter tires for A2 3L 1.2 TDI


Hello everyone,

I haven't been on here for ages. Just because my A2 is nicely ticking away, 350'000 km, 90+ mpg and smiling.

Just one problem: I need winter tires (I am in Switzerland, we have the alps...). The original size 145 80 R 14 is clearly not available anymore. Audi Switzerland (AMAG) is telling me they can't help, the car is over 10 years old so they don't have to provide spare parts anymore and the car is not certified for any other tire size so the insurance will be void if needs be.

I understand that VW has bigger issues to deal with than mine at the moment, but this is still very annoying.

Anyway, what do you think? Has anyone got a secret supply of 145 80 R 14...? Any viable alternative? I was thinking of using the Lupo 3L tire size (155 65 R14) but it does not seem that straightforward. The irony is that I finally bought a pair of spare 2nd-hand 3L magnesium rims - they cost an arm! - a few months ago and now I have nothing to put on them.

Should I just wait that global warming eventually kicks in, so I won't need winter tires anymore...?

Thanks for your feedback. Happy motoring,

Go read the German forum, there was a recent supply in the correct size found. You can also get another size certified, I do believe, but it will involve "freigaben", costs and paperwork.

Waiting isn't an option, if I've understood correctly, you'll have a time when you need to have them on, just like we do...

- Bret
RAB: I have already placed 2 orders online, 1 in France & 1 in Germany: in both cases, the order went through and the money went out. Then I get an email two days later to ask me how I want to be refunded... Clearly, online availability and real stock are 2 different things altogether... However, thatnks for the link, I will call them tomorrow to check real life supply.

Bret: I have already spent ages searching for it online and did look on the German forums but got nowhere beyond understanding that the A2 / Lupo 3l tire swap was not straightforward. Any more specific information would be awesome...


you're in Switzerland, so the rules on the Genehmigung, Traglastbescheinigung and Reifen / Felgen Freigabe und / oder Eintragung are going to be very different.

I'm sure, however, that someone somewhere has done it. Please, open a thread on the English subforum of the German forum and I'm sure someone can tell you exactly what you need to get a different size entered into your paperwork. 165s are a common alternative in Germany, which doesn't mean the swiss will accept them.

- Bret
Thanks everyone!

I have just found a set of 145 80 14 on Ebay UK. That should keep me going for 2 or 3 winters, by then I will have 500'000 km on the clock.

The summer tyres still seem to be widely available in this size, but I am wondering if it would be wise to stock 2 or 3 sets in order not to face the same problems in a few years. What do you think...?
I just had a call from Audi, Switzerland: they have asked Continental to re manufacture these tyres and I should receive a new set of winter 145 8014 by the end of the week! Hurrah!!!