Whitenoise Festval 21st to 23rd August 2020 - gauging interest

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Event start date: Friday 2020-08-21
Event end date: Sunday 2020-08-23
Registration ends: Friday 2020-08-14
Username Guest count Note
Darren C Darren C 4 Possibly Saturday and Sunday (not Friday)
Teresa Teresa 1  
A2 Louis A2 Louis 2  
Proghound Proghound 2 Possibly all 3 of us, Saturday & Sunday
Special edition Special edition 2  
murdo murdo 4  
wills wills 2 Tam & Ton

if you would be interested in attending, please choose one or more option below

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Merchandising Co-ordinator
Hi everyone

After a year's break, the Whitenoise Fesitval is back next year. Whilst it is a predominately VW meet, one of the organisers previously had an A2 and we would be very welcome as a Club.

I've not been before, but know lots of people who have and I've been told that it is fab. It is very family and dog friendly and has lots of great music as well as great cars.

It does have camping which would be new for us (apparently they have great showers and loos) but there is a Premier Inn literally just outside the location and a Travelodge 5 minutes drive away (neither have rooms on sale for August next year yet).

Tickets last year were £49.50 per adult and £14 per child for all 3 days including camping, with days tickets at £10 per adult and £4 per child (I'd expect them to be a bit more next year, but it is normally very reasonable).

If people were interested and fancied making a weekend of it, I'd be happy to arrange a walking tour/open top bus tour of Norwich on a couple of the mornings before the day's events started.

There is a video on their website that has a video from last year https://www.vwwhitenoise.com/


Merchandising Co-ordinator
sounds good, could well be interested
Thank you. I've put a poll up which I think works. I was trying to do one of the things that Mike does where people can put name and potentially how many, but I don't know how to do that 😳

A2 Louis

A2OC Donor
I’d be definitely interested in joining you all :)

By that time hopefully I would of passed my driving test :)

I’d prefer to go in the hotel at night but I wouldn’t mind camping 😁:p


Sounds great :D If it was just me I'd be camping but Lynette would prefer a hotel. We'd be looking to go at least two of the three days so I've put Weekend, Hotel.


Sounds interesting, but we can provisionally put our names down, as it is a loooong way to go (no camping gear ⛺, so the hotel 🏨 is an option for us).


Merchandising Co-ordinator
Sounds interesting, but we can provisionally put our names down, as it is a loooong way to go (no camping gear ⛺, so the hotel 🏨 is an option for us).
Hi yes of course. It's just seeing if people would be interested really. The tickets don't go on sale until October. There are several hotels all within a 15 minute drive, so plenty of options for non campers 😊