Will these wheels fit?

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16”. So the specs are
6,5 x 16 h2
Et 42.
Presuming they are the correct stud pattern of 5x100, the only issue is the offset or et is a little high at 42mm meaning they will sit inwards closer to the inner arch linings and suspension a little more than you would want.

Worst case scenario is you would have to fit 5-10mm wheel spacers to push them out to an et of 32-37mm which is considered ideal and to ensure you don't get any rubbing of the tyres on the inner wheel arch linings, particularly on the passenger side on full lock but they could be just OK, although risky.

Being 6.5j you would also want to look at fitting slightly wider 195 tyres rather than the usual 185 that are fit as standard to the SE 6j wheels.

Also check the centre bore (or cb) of the new wheels are the correct 57.1mm size as if they are smaller they won't fit on the hubs and if larger would require spigot rings of the correct size fitting inside the cb of the wheels to ensure they fit correctly.

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16”. So the specs are
6,5 x 16 h2
Et 42.

If the specification is 6.5Jx16 ET42 5/100 57.1, then they will fit.

195/50R16 would be ideal for this size rim, and won't rub. Don't be tempted to fit oversize 205/50R16 with this ET42 offset because you might get rubbing. 195/45R16 and 205/45R16 are another couple of sizes that could be used with this specification of rim.

15" tyres would give a much better ride than 16", and they are usually a lot cheaper. There's many sizes of 15" tyres you could fit, including 155/65, 165/65, 175/60, 175/65, 185/55, 185/60, 185/65, 195/50, 195/55, 195/60, 205/50, 205/55. That's twelve possible sizes of 15" tyres to choose from.

Here's a couple of examples showing the difference in prices between 15" and 16" tyres...and the cheaper 15" option makes the normally hard riding A2 so much better...so it's a win, win for the 15".

Vredestein Quatrac 6 185/60R15 88H XL £54.95

Vredestein Quatrac 6 195/50R16 88V XL £76.30
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