Windscreen scratch removal?


Hi all.

I have a very fine scratch created by my wiper blade!
Anyone have some recommendations for a product to polish out?

Many thanks.

DJ 190

Yes, that material (cerium oxide) really does work! I know that from personal experience You don't need to buy a kit. Just buy the powder. It's on Ebay and available in different grades.



Wow Gents...
You are so correct I am indeed grateful to you.
I have looked for some time for recommendations and I thought to as A2OC...
I took some photos but they are useless, don't show anything.
But to just need the powder, so,e water and a sensible attachement for your drill and indeed I would say within 20mins all is good and I gave the complete screen a buff over for good measure before fitting a new wiper blade.

Truly impressed...



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Yep is good stuff. I suggested a kit as it would have bits you would need. Obviously if you know what you are doing / have bits already then just the powder is needed. One thing please wear a mask as the dust is very bad for you.


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Polishing glass is a b****r of a job. Depending on depth start with ultra fine diamond polishing disc. Then go on to a cerium oxide glass polish. However only use it with a glass polishing pad. Anything else just won’t work. Be careful not to get things too hot, screens delaminate or crack.


All I can say is this is game changing.
Great stuff. Have patience and ensure you keep temperature under control.
I made quite a wet pate and had a sprayer handy to keep lubrication.
Honestly. I would say, don't be frightened, take your time and all is super easy.
Thanks again to audifan for the recommendation.