1. jannes

    Aftermarket exhausts?

    Does anyone have any experience with the cheap aftermarket exhaust systems sold on EBay and like? You can get a complete system for £100-200 which really isn’t too bad but the quality might be a concern. The thing is my exhaust started leaking badly, haven’t checked yet what’s up due to it...
  2. E

    How do i get to the waterpump ???

    I have a leak and could really do with some detailed instructions or a diagram on how to get to the waterpump where i expect the leak is coming from. I have an Audi A2 petrol 1.4 sport
  3. G

    Issues with hydraulics/gear box

    Hello everyone, It is my first post here, I just got the Audi A2 1.2 TDI a few months ago. I search the forum and I can't really find what I'm looking for. Don't crucify me please if I did not look hard enough. from what I read on the forum, It seems I have a few issues with my hydraulics/...
  4. IansMusical

    2001 A2 1.4 AUA LHD 83000 miles Oil leak from undertray/sump?

    I've noticed a few drips of oil coming from the undertray. Jacked it up and removed the drivers side wheel and could see that the undertray is wet around the sump area. In fact the sump itself is quite manky but the block upwards is dry. The sensor at the bottom of the sump and its wire are very...
  5. IansMusical

    Coolant leak on AUA 1.4 (pink residue near temp sensor and top of gearbox)

    Hello All, I've just replaced the headlights on my wife's 2001 LHD 1.4 A2 so that we can use it on UK roads but noticed the coolant expansion tank is empty! :o Having read some previous postings that mostly relate to the 1.6, I believe that the Y shaped plastic pipe and the one that runs...
  6. J

    Help! Major Diesel Leak

    Hi all. My '01 1.4TDI is currently at the Stealer with a diesel leak (I reckon losing about 1 - 2 litres per day) that seems to be coming from the area above a small heat shield in the vicinity of right rear seat. Apparently a valve near the tank(?)has failed and leaking at a high rate. Was...
  7. zafarius

    Coolant pouring out - onto near side front engine mount...non-mechanic...

    Hi and Happy New Year everyone. Sorry (upfront) for such an amateur post. A2 2001 1.4TDI SE I'm a total non-mechanic. Coolant is leaking out almost as fast as I can top it up. It does not seem to be the radiator and the hoses connecting to the pressure vessel / filler seem to be ok...
  8. B

    Wet door cards

    Hi, On three of the four doors on my A2, after a prolonged spell of rain, the door cards are damp at the very bottom only. Does anyone have any idea as to why this might be? There is no obvious damage to any seals etc. I am not that knowledgeable about the A2 as yet so if you have any ideas I...
  9. S

    Topping up oil every 3-4 weeks

    I'm doing 530 miles/week and my oil indicator light has started to come on every 3-4 weeks. Obviously, I top it up right away. is this normal, or should I get it into a garage asap? It's due a service actually, so maybe I should book it in. SE 1.4 Petrol 2001
  10. Y

    Cant find a leak on A2 cooling system

    Hi, ive got a problem finding a leak on my A2. My coolant system has suddenly started to drain quickly. (coolant symbol appears on the dash). When i pour water in the header tank of the coolant system it drains quite quickly out the bottom, mostly on the left side if you are looking at the...