1. O

    Oil dipstick won’t go

    Hi All, Was going for a bit of a general check over today. When checking the oil in my 1.4 petrol upon pulling out the dipstick it had lost its end however then on trying to re-insert the dipstick into the tube the dipstick won’t go all the way back in. I assume the end that fell off has...
  2. BearMcPear

    Recommended oil level for AUA/BBY

    As the oil level is a bit of a pain to read from the black dipstick, I thought I may as well just use VCDS. In case anyone is curious how to read the oil level using it: 1) Go to 17 - Instruments 2) Measuring Blocks 3) Group 4 After doing that four 'measuring blocks' appear. The first is...
  3. IansMusical

    2001 A2 1.4 AUA LHD 83000 miles Oil leak from undertray/sump?

    I've noticed a few drips of oil coming from the undertray. Jacked it up and removed the drivers side wheel and could see that the undertray is wet around the sump area. In fact the sump itself is quite manky but the block upwards is dry. The sensor at the bottom of the sump and its wire are very...
  4. L

    Oil and Air Con (Two subjects)

    Heads up: Homebase has some Castrol Edge at half price in their sale (in the Exeter store) £8 something. I just bought a litre and then realised it's 5-40 rather than the 5-30 I'd bought previously. Is this usable for the 1.4 Tdi? Second - I'm very tempted to get a second hand pump for the...
  5. H

    Oil Warning Light ON!

    Hi guys, Can anyone help me!? The oil warning (RED) light keeps coming on in my a2 (2000), this has been going on since summer 2013... When it first came on i pulled over and checked my oil, which all was fine. Sometimes it stays off, other times i may have been driving a while and then it...
  6. S

    Topping up oil every 3-4 weeks

    I'm doing 530 miles/week and my oil indicator light has started to come on every 3-4 weeks. Obviously, I top it up right away. is this normal, or should I get it into a garage asap? It's due a service actually, so maybe I should book it in. SE 1.4 Petrol 2001
  7. R

    Warning – Tdi Oil Filter error results in Low Oil Pressure problem

    Driving away from the main dealer annual service the oil pressure warning came on (picture of an oil can plus beeping noise) before I even got out of the premises. The dealer blamed swarf disturbed by the oil change (but still, oddly enough, down in the engine) blocking the oil pickup...
  8. C

    Big end knocking - help !!

    Hi everybody I have a 1.4 petrol A2 that has just recently shown an oil level light - we have topped up the oil regulalry which puts the light out - only today the light came on then almost immediately I got that dreaded bottom end knock - well my partner did - I went to her rescue and it...