1. Tsu

    Open Sky original add-on cost?

    Would anyone know how much the Open Sky System added to the base cost of our beloved A2's back in the day? The reason I ask is I have a lovely low-mileage 1.4SE with a working OSS that has now been written off as Beyond Economical Repair thanks to a complete plonker pulling out from a minor road...
  2. 2work

    Project Merlot

    Hello all, May I take this opportunity to introduce you all to Project Merlot, a January 2003 FSI Sport stunningly presented in Merlot Red. Some of you have seen that the family has recently grown after responding to this thread. To save time scanning through the link, here are the pictures...
  3. depronman

    OSS 'Open Sky System' Motor mount

    I think it’s about time I shared with you good people a project that I have been working on for some months on and off This all started about 3 years ago when I found my OSS to be none working, the motor was making a loud clicking noise and panels not moving. On removal and striping down the...
  4. Cosmo


  5. TYP 8Z

    OSS thingymajigs

    Really not sure how to call these two plastic bits, sorry, but today during the pre-winter cleaning and greasing of my OSS, I spotted that one tip has snapped and the other one has a small crack. Are these parts easy to source or replace, can they compromise the safe operation of the OSS? Thank...
  6. jonbad

    Super quick OpenSky Reset Question…

    I know, I know… there are +1,000 threads all about OpenSky and believe me, I've read nearly all of them (ugh :confused:). However, I have not yet come across anyone mentioning the following (quote from SSP_378 Service Training Manual): Please can somebody state the reinitialisation...
  7. R

    Ragtop Sunroof to replace OSS?

    2001 A2 TDI faulty OSS, one cable snapped - has anyone thought about or knows whether it would be possible to remove the two faulty sliding glass panels with a sliding ragtop (like the Fiat 500). Keeping the main frame and structural integrity along with the and front/rear panels ? Rob