1. H

    ABS Sensor - no fault codes

    My ATL90 has developed what appears to be an ABS fault - moments after driving off, it puts up a RED brake warning light and beeps three times. I'm presuming it's lost one of the wheel sensors, but using an OBD tool reveals no fault codes lodged in the ECU, and it drives fine, brakes are fine...
  2. S

    Lambda sensor for 1.4 Petrol engine

    Hi everyone! I have a petrol A2 with a 1.4 engine (AUA) and for some years the engine light is being constantly on. All the technicians told me that the root of the problem is the Lambda sensor, but I can't seem to find a part number or a model of a sensor that I could buy, does someone know...
  3. Alan_uk

    Brake Pad Wear Sensor Repair Guide - Short Cable Version

    This is a guide to repairing the Brake Sensor cable using a short repair cable. I obtained a VW short cable which much cheaper that the Audi long repair cable. Problem The brake pair wear symbol is displayed on the dash board. Note: the sensor is only on the near-side front brake pad. There...
  4. Mightyleader

    Fun with ABS warning and finding parts...

    We're just in the process of moving house, to leafy Haslemere. Last weekend I was at our old flat, had seen the removals people off with our stuff and was getting ready to jumping Diane follow them down. About 100 metres into my journey I got three loud beeps, a warning symbol of the DIS and the...
  5. B

    1.4 Petrol AUA O2 Sensor Testing

    Hi, Trying to get to the bottom of an Engine code and VCDS is pointing me to the O2 sensor. I have access to the front sensor one and the electrical socket and would like to know which pins to test to get the resistance across the heater circuit. Google is not helping much with the 6 pin...
  6. C

    Help with a crankshaft sensor replacement

    Hi all, Been having an issue with engine revs dropping sporadically when driving, and with diagnostic kit, it seems to show the crankshaft sensor at fault. Have a new sensor at hand today and looking to replace it but for the life of me cannot find how to get to the crankshaft sensor. Any advice?
  7. T

    Information Rear Parking Sensor fault

    Since buying my A2 TDi MY2001 with OEM reversing sensors it has had an intermittent fault whereby on selecting reverse the continuous warning would sound, as if you were already very close to an obstruction. Then on selecting reverse again would sometimes clear the issue, the system working...
  8. D

    How do you check an ABS sensor?

    I have the ABS light, the traction light and the red braking symbol on and there is a fault code that says right front abs fault. I have tried to measure the sensor and there is no resistance value or continuity so I thought it was faulty, however when I checked the other side it was the same...
  9. H

    Oil Warning Light ON!

    Hi guys, Can anyone help me!? The oil warning (RED) light keeps coming on in my a2 (2000), this has been going on since summer 2013... When it first came on i pulled over and checked my oil, which all was fine. Sometimes it stays off, other times i may have been driving a while and then it...
  10. Alan_uk

    Brake Pad Wear Sensor Repair Guide - Repairing the Socket

    This is a guide to repairing the brake wear sensor plug and socket. Disclaimer This guide is used entirely at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any consequences in following this guide. This guide is definitely not recommended for fixing the wheel rotation sensor. Safety As...
  11. A

    External temperature sensor

    Hello everyone, first post on here so treat me gently! It's actually not my car but my wife Rebecca's (who is on here as... err .... Rebecca :D ). We've noticed that the external temperature is overreading - it's consistently about 3 degrees over what the temperature actually is. It's been...
  12. F

    power steering sensor

    My Dec 2000 A2 SE power steering sensor failed. The VAG replacement is available only with a full steering part costing over £400. For £300 less we got the Skoda sensor part no. 6Q2423291AX. Thanks to VW Cars of Burwell near Cambridge for this saving (and for many others over the years). :)
  13. R

    A2 Engine Sensor setup, flywheel drawing and injector maps

    Gentlemen! I´m currently working on adapting a commonrail diesel control system from niranova in Sweden ( to my beloved 75Hk A2 TDi. To be able to adapt the system to the engine, I need sensor data, and also the fuel injector maps. Have any of you guys some data...
  14. A

    Help tdi temperature sensor wiring connector

    My replacement green coolant temperature sender 4 pin vw audi pt 059 919 501 A does not fit the male electrical connector on my 2001 1.4 TDI (the existing black sensor also has a D connection, but it is smaller). This is clearly a case where size matters. Is there an adaptor available to...