1. N

    Design and manufacture of rare or custom parts

    I am able to offer both design and manufacturing services for rare or custom parts, including reverse engineering. I am a professional design engineer, competent with CAD software and creating engineering drawings. I also have access to a large catalogue of suppliers to manufacture these parts...
  2. O

    Oil dipstick won’t go

    Hi All, Was going for a bit of a general check over today. When checking the oil in my 1.4 petrol upon pulling out the dipstick it had lost its end however then on trying to re-insert the dipstick into the tube the dipstick won’t go all the way back in. I assume the end that fell off has...
  3. C

    How concerned should I be when letting others work on my car?

    I’ve noticed a few posts where people have had their cars damaged when lifting the car up to with do a tyre change or some work underneath the car. Is the Audi A2 difficult or unconventional in how it can be lifted? If so how concerned should I be that garages wouldn’t know the correct...
  4. Crgwal

    Hydro' Carbon Engine Clean

    Hello! Was out today to give this Hydrocleaning a shot. Normally a £99 thing but I got it for £50. I'll report back after a week to see if this has done anything for my 122k FSI. I am a little skeptical, and from what I have read "Sea Foam" does seem to have more evidence of results. Has...
  5. Crgwal

    Looking for a Glasgow based dealership

    Hello, I just booked with lomond audi for a service on my A2. It was £180 for a minor service. Something like £350 for the long life service which I chose not to go for. I am paying an additional £60 for them to look into why my engine is sounding a bit throaty. Price does not include a...
  6. fin199

    webasto service

    Hello All, My webasto isn't working, so I know I'm going to have to take it out and see if I can service it Does anyone have any experience and know what to expect? also, is it possible to switch it on manually or with a webasto controller ? thanks Findlay
  7. C

    A2 going through midlife crisis

    Hi folks, the A2 seems to be going through a mid life crisis of its own at the moment. I have had to replace the throttle housing, the driver side wheel bearing and the drop links within the last 2 months. With 75k on the clock I still think it has plenty of life in the engine, and it sounds...
  8. W

    General information and common faults on 1.4TDI 75

    Hello all, This is my first post on A2OC. I’m new to the forum so I’ll get the introductions out the way first. My names Zack, I’m 24 and I’m currently an apprentice at a company that restores, services and maintains pre and post war RR and Bentley’s. I currently own a 3 series BMW 08 reg...
  9. C

    Chat Hi All

    Just collected our 05 plate 1.4TDI SE in Silver Very much enjoyed our first long journeys in it over new year (particularly the 60+ mpg!). We've got a couple of the, what appear to be, common issues to iron out, namely: Random flasher ticking whilst driving, the indicators seem to work...
  10. M

    So how much for a full service & cam belt plus any ideas where in the Manchester area

    So I think I may have found an A2 guy wants €1600 But its 2000 miles off a...
  11. Kingmyo

    Service at 55000 miles what do i need

    hi, i have done a service every 10000 miles on my a2 2004 1.4tdi apart from one time someone said i needed a spring changing so i let the garage do it. it's now on 55000 miles and i would like to know if there is anything other that the normal i will have to change ? i thought i would do the...
  12. P

    Front Shock Replacement

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and the info here is AWESOME. I've had my beautiful little A2 for just over 2 weeks and I'm loving it!! It's a 2001 (Y reg) SE model and for it's age still in bloody good condition. I need to replace my front shocks (as i feel they're going to land in my lap...