1. C

    Problem! 8Z0199293R and 8Z0199294R

    My mechanic is carrying out some repairs on my 1.4 75hp tdi and these two part numbers have popped up as a requirement. 8Z0199293R and 8Z0199294R Console parts ^ Are these available? I’ve read some old posts about the threads going bad because they’re aluminium and over time deteriorate /...
  2. Catnip64

    Sluggish Misfiring TDI

    Need to some help to fix our 2004 TDI 75 (AMF with 180k miles). The car seemed to lose power and felt a little slow to respond to the accelerator, then it became very difficult to pull away and eventually started to misfire with smoke from exhaust at moderate revs (2-3k). No EML or fault codes...
  3. C

    Audi A2 1.4 TDI 75 (AMF) Flywheel

    Can anyone provide details of where to get one? Searched for some part numbers and not sure what’s right / wrong please share a few links! the car is a 2002 1.4 tdi AMF engine (75BHP)
  4. L

    installing new intercooler on my Audi A2 1.4tdi PART 2

  5. W

    PART name and/or NUMBER Required please!!

    evening all, Had my 03 1.4tdi up on the ramp today to change my anti roll bar bushes but I noticed a stabilising arm from the gearbox to the subframe had an unusual amount of play in it and I’m wondering if it’s this I can hear when going on small bumps etc. After doing the roll bar bushes...
  6. 6

    Another A2 owner

    Hi Guys, I have been reading some good advice and stories on the site and as i just bought a A2 few days ago i thought best to join and say "Hello!" Im not sure what to say other than i got a 2001 1.4 TDI A2, Im guessing its the 75bhp and after reading some of your topics its a PDI engine...
  7. S

    Information real mpg with TDi: is 50-60 the real deal, or 70 mpg are as easy to achieve?

    Hi there, I am seriously considering the purchase of an Audi A2 TDi. This will be my first car and I will be covering many miles over the course of the next year(s) (~20k p.y.); needles to say, the reason I was attracted to an A2 firstly is due to the high extra-urban mpg that it records, at...
  8. putyourmittenson

    70mpg on a tank

    Covered just over 400miles on the weekend and managed 71.2mpg average at a sat nav 63mph. Obviously motorway miles but there was a bit of A and B road in there as well. My TDI A2 75 is completely standard as far as i know. But if i was to do the 5th gear mod, aero pack and maybe narrower wheels...
  9. Swalsey

    Webasto Pump causing failure to start engine

    Hello all, It's a long time since I posted but I have knowledge to share that I don't think is too common yet. Last year my TDI engine stopped running, and was almost impossible to start despite the engine turning over on the starter easily and consistently. My choice of garage had a hard...
  10. K

    2005 TDI glow plugs - wrong ones fitted!?

    I'm a bit confused about what glow plugs I need for the A2 TDI - It's a 2005 75bhp car, BHC engine code. Frustratingly I took all car details and numbers down to Audi and they couldn't tell me which glow plugs I needed for it :rolleyes:, instead they told me to remove the old ones and check...
  11. ecoangel

    Environmental Politics hitting TDI owners soon?

    No doubt you've read the press from BJ blowing his top about diesel cars. Here's a response that's unlikely to get published in the UK Telegraph/Times/Guardian!: Petrol cars now pollute more than before the scrappage scheme due direct injection and no particulate traps unlike diesels...
  12. M

    So how much for a full service & cam belt plus any ideas where in the Manchester area

    So I think I may have found an A2 guy wants €1600 But its 2000 miles off a...
  13. zafarius

    Coolant pouring out - onto near side front engine mount...non-mechanic...

    Hi and Happy New Year everyone. Sorry (upfront) for such an amateur post. A2 2001 1.4TDI SE I'm a total non-mechanic. Coolant is leaking out almost as fast as I can top it up. It does not seem to be the radiator and the hoses connecting to the pressure vessel / filler seem to be ok...
  14. andrew007007

    A2 insurance (young drivers)

    Can anyone recommend car insurance companies for a 18 year old female against a A2 tdi? All quotes so far have come back in in believablely high. Thanks Andrew.
  15. T

    Aftermarket Exhaust (2003 1.4 TDi)

    Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone has replaced their exhaust (2003 1.4 TDi) with an aftermarket exhaust and catalyst? Just got a quote at £600 including VAT and fitting for an entire new aftermarket exhaust and thought this sounded reasonable for replacing the entire thing...
  16. R

    Warning – Tdi Oil Filter error results in Low Oil Pressure problem

    Driving away from the main dealer annual service the oil pressure warning came on (picture of an oil can plus beeping noise) before I even got out of the premises. The dealer blamed swarf disturbed by the oil change (but still, oddly enough, down in the engine) blocking the oil pickup...
  17. T

    A2 1.4 TDI Random Turbo Failure

    Over the past year, the turbo on my 1.4 TDI A2 randomly cuts out - not too often, but still annoying nonetheless, particularly when you are cruising on the motorway and suffer a sudden loss of turbo - without the turbo the 1.4 engine is pathetic! The loss of the turbo occasionally occurs...
  18. C

    When do you know its new Turbo Time? (75tdi)

    Hello all, Long time lurker, with so much information in older posts Not had much need to ask again. However my car just in for a service at independent VAG specialist, Straightline Performance Malvern Worcestershire. I asked them to check over the turbo particularly the waste gate as...
  19. Chris93

    Information My A2

    Hi guys have had my A2 for a few weeks now and thought i would upload some pics, it is a 1.4tdi special edition with acoustic parking, controls pack and metallic paint. I am hoping to change the wheels sometime soon and maybe get a remap from superchips, has anyone done this on the 75hp tdi and...