Absolutely Gutted!!


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I have had my 2002 A2 since demo 11,000 miles, it is immaculate,leather, bose, panoramic roof,17" wheels, etc, and not a mark,until an elderly lady ran into the back of me whilst I was sat at a junction.
It looks bad!
Think the roof may be out of alignment as well
The insurance company has picked it up,but are having problems finding an audi approved repairer of aluminium!
Shrewsbury audi use shrewsbury VW and they can't do it, have had it taken to Crewe,but there is a doubt if it is repairable!!
It is the longest I have ever kept a car because it is that good,and I have had the lot!
I have taken pics of the damage but i think the cost of repair will make it a write off!
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Oh no! I'm gutted for you too pal. Thats a lovely car and what a shame, it does sound bad - on a very positive note you are fine as theres no injury to anyone mentioned other than to your emotions. What a shame. If its written off I'll help you find a worthy replacement! :)

So sorry :(
Oh No!

I am really sorry to hear about your car, it is the sort of car that i am envious of , and could only dream of having that much spec. Sorry mate, what did you have to say to the old lady?

ta for comments chaps, to be fair to the lady she was so apologetic, and it was a genuine lapse of concentration, I couldn'treally have a go,agood guy who saw her hit mestopped andwesorted things out fine, but it just makes all that effort i put into keeping it in the condition it is in, just a bit of a waste.
I never thought i would be so peed off about a car but i am!
I have decided if it gets written off iam buying it back and getting it done anyway,its only done 60k,FASH, mike has done my cruise etc etc,it is just too good and i don't think the new A1 will be as good.
Mike get ready for a big job!
Sorry to hear of your misfortune Glen.

I sincerely hope that you are okay, the occupants of the other car involved escaped unscathed and that your worst fears of a write off don't materialise in the cold light of day.

I can only begin to imagine how you must be feeling; as a fellow enthusiast and someone that looks after everything I buy, I fully empathise. No matter how careful you are; unfortunately this is something that is beyond your control and is my worst fear too.

Best of luck with everything.

Glen, sorry to hear of your misfortune - you do everything possible to keep your car in tip top condition and then this happens.

If things are as bad as you fear, the salvage should be cheap which will benefit you. It will be repairable though - I saw a red A2 in the local Smith Knight Fay bodyshop when I was having my door repairs done a while back - it looked like it had been completely stoved in around the B pillar and yet it was being repaired. A new welded in section, an alignment check and paint, then he was going to take over the rest.

If you love it, bring it back to life!

Glad you're ok though.


ta all, i am fine, bloody bad headache, but ok,so was lady.
I am committed to it being repaired whether by insurers or me, it is as I said too good to let it go.
Well done you! no one would want to see any A2 go to waste especially one as nice as yours, really hope the insurance pulls through for you!!

body shop

hi i had mine done at talke body shop in stoke-on-trent when some one hit mine i was told stoke audi use them they did a good job small family owned buisness.
Glen I'm also sorry to hear of your bad luck Pal, but am glad to see that your ok. I really do hope you get your little pride and joy back up and running soon.


Bad news indeed, we can all sense your despair and empathise with you , good news that you and and other driver are ok though. Good luck.
hi i had mine done at talke body shop in stoke-on-trent when some one hit mine i was told stoke audi use them they did a good job small family owned buisness.

thanks all,simon thanks for the name of the company in talke, my car finally got transported to Crewe audi who as part of the swansway group (include stoke and stafford audi) have a place alongside Crewe audi they use.
They are sending the engineer to look at it again tomorrow apparently so it must be touch and go!

will let you know
What an absolute nightmare. I also have an immaculate A2 and I could only imagine the horror if something like this would happen. Did a quick search on mobile.de (since I have a left hand drive) for low miles 2004-2005 A2 1,4 Tdi's and there aren't many available as a replacement. Another reason to be careful out there. But in your case, it seems it's nothing you could have done about it. My best wishes.
I know how you feel

Hi Martings,
I am sorry to hear about your car and glad you were not hurt. I have had my Audi A2 TDI SE for 2 weeks and last Thursday a woman reversed into the front of me she had stopped at a junction and I was about a car length behind her when she started reversing to let someone pass and then I sounded my horn but she kept on coming it was all over in about 5 seconds and then the crunch came. So my lovely Audi my pride and joy and my friend is in the garage next week and a crappy courtsey car is on the way. My heart sank when I heard the crunch she apologised and said she was sorry she had a tow bar on her crap car so it was ok. I park mine the furthest car park space away from anyone else in the car park so no one hits it. Don't park so near the kerb because of the alloys and then some prat hits in.
I hope you managed to get it back and give it a new lease of life they are special cars but one stupid moment from someone else and we loose out.
Take Care
Hi Martings,
I am sorry to hear about your car and glad you were not hurt. I have had my Audi A2 TDI SE for 2 weeks and last Thursday a woman reversed into the front of me ..

many thanks susan
good luck with getting it repaired
Having been given a new popular courtesy car, which is i have to say poor, i can tell you the A2 is worth keeping,it is so different and of such good quality.
Fingers crossed
Sorry you've had your A2 pranged. I can imagine how fed up you are. Do make sure that who ever repairs your car knows what they are doing as aluminium is very different from steel, especially with welding. Might be worth asking Audi direct (customer service) and even MIRA.
Hi, hope you don’t mind me contacting you, I noticed the A2OC sticker and badges (very cool by the way) on your car in our body shop (very nice car aswel), my names Ryan, I work at Swansway. The car got brought into our workshop today and will be stripped by a member of staff (V.A.G mechanic) im the panel beater there and I have been trained by Audi in Germany where I went for a 2 week course in aluminium so your car is in very safe hands, as most other body shops that aren’t Audi aluminium approved don’t have the training or the correct tools for the aluminium. There is a separate booth (cost 50k I think with the tools!!!) where your car will be repaired, and separate tools to make sure there is no cross contamination between aluminium and steel. The car is hit quite hard, and is needing a new back panel and 1/4 panel I think (haven’t had chance to read the job card yet)

I don’t usually contact customers by the way, im not some kind of stalker lol, I will be looking into buying an a2 in the near future so thought I would join the forum (just sold my 2009 vw scirocco)

If you would like any info on your car let me know, thanks, Ryan