Help Retro Concert 11 non can-bus 2001 tdi and a carpod bluetooth module?


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Hi All,

Having had Sean (2001 TDI) now for a while and with the mod list growing I thought I better crack on installing all the ebay items I have lying around my living room.

What I've bought to replace the old concert tape player is...

1 x Concert 11 CD player 4b0 035 186G this is a straight fit but when it arrived the buttons were worn so I had to buy another on ebay and swap the buttons which is an easy job but a pain.

1 x Can bus adapter from Adapter Universe see link

1 x Carpod bluetooth mp3 and iphone connector see link.

I have successfully installed the can-bus adapter and the concert 2 they both work fine the lights light up and the radio turns off with the ignition. What I cant get working is the CarPod adapter this I think uses the CD changer connection on the Concert 2 but its not working?
Can someone tell me if the non canbus A2's support a cd changer? I've tried reprogrammimg VAGCOM but all I can find is the Radio module which I've changed the value to 00002 thats for a cd changer.

Also how on the Concert 2 do you use the CD changer?

My thoughts are I think its either incompatible or I have missed a VAGcom setting or its the canbus adapter?

Any help would be great.

PS Head gasket done and no loss of water.
Fixed Had an earth cable that was not connected properly. So far the carpod adapter seems pretty good and its all working well.