My A2 Project - 1.4 Sport Petrol


Finally received my new log book, so on goes the plate :)

Good thing is with the slatted grill and A2 plate it looks newer than it actually is :)
The only thing I need to do now is install Bose, but it's not cheap. So I have ran out of ideas what to do next. I think the modding has come to a halt, so I think the next step is just to leave it and enjoy it .
surprised your still sporting the older style arm and blade, something to consider;) still haven't sorted mine out yet, but an essential mod imho.

looking good, had the chance to see a few with the vortex kit last week and really like the look, hens teeth I know :(
To be honest I never thought about the wiper arm or blade. There are other things I need, Votex jacking point cover and 1 headlight protector but I have now accepted that I will never find them. Oh just remembered I need an original Audi cd player.
I don't have climate control so a double-DIN dash is not possible :( I have an aftermarket stereo so only the front speakers work, so I need the original stereo, would be nice to have all 4 speakers working .

what about rns-e and why do you want the original cd player?
There is a wiring harness available that enables the rear speakers to work. Can't remember what the part number was but mine was an autoleads one and I got it from halfords.

Christmas came early for me :)

Freshly painted Votex covers, I now have 6 covers, I have a full set on the car and 2 spare .

Big thanks to Tony from A2 cars for sourcing these for me and getting them painted . Have to say if it wasn't for A2 Cars my project wouldn't be where it is now .

Happy Christmas to all members of the forum .
Finally fitted the Votex cover. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive because I don't want to lose it.
My A2 is having a well deserved service next Saturday at A2cars. Good to know it will be in good hands.
i had an old Rs and if the covers are anything like them i strapped duck tape accross underneath the covers to secure them abit more
I know some people have drilled small holes on the inside and attached cable ties so if they do come off they will still be attached.