Remove Tapatalk support?

Should we remove Tapatalk support on the site?

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I'm revisiting our use of Tapatalk on the site. It only provides limited support for the full range of Xenforo features, and requires continual maintenance to keep up to date. Please indicate if you use Tapatalk or can live without it.


Admin Team
Never used it and never been tempted. If it's got to the point of being more trouble than it's worth, then get rid is my 2p worth.


Admin Team
Afternoon Ben,

I too have never used Tapatalk so unable to comment. I always use either my iPhone or MacBook via Google Chrome or Safari. Never had any issue with these thus never felt the need to investigate utilising a 3rd-party software.

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I was reading Tap a talk blurb on Google play site. As far as I understand it, the app adds no more functionality to A2OC.
Push notification happens via the A2OC site, and subscribing to threads sends me an email when comments are added.
That's as much as I understand.
Please let me know if I'm missing something.


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TBH unless you use Tapatalk you will not know how much you need it or if there is another app instead. So I think only those members that actually use the app should respond. @Edwrai and @depronman your opinions are needed and very much appreciated.


I tried it, a while back, but, couldn't see any advantage over Chrome browser. I didn't pursue it then, and don't think I would now. I voted to discontinue support, but I can see @audifan 's point, so maybe my vote is un-democratic.
I'm not in a position to judge the balance of admin support needed against the user experience of those who use Tapatalk.


I do use it but have been since the old forum s/w
No idea if it adds anything really just what I’ve always used. It does pull together a number of forums that I use into one central point

Happy to stop using it if it makes the maintenance of the site much easier

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I use Tapatalk... but I’m adaptable and could learn to change without too much effort.

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I use it on my phone but recently whenever I’ve wanted to upload a photo I’ve needed to use the desktop site in my phone anyway so it’s really not a bother - I’ll just save a link on my homepage for the safari link.

We could give instructions on how best to use the website platform on mobile apple or android devices if that might ease people’s transition.

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I still use a Sinclair ZX Spectrum , what is this witchcraft you speak off 👴.... I can live without it 😁


I use it but find it flawed, or maybe I'm just using it wrong

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I use Tapatalk all the time, well 90%of the time I do, I find it works really well and whilst it has issues its still easier than using a browser when n the phone