Remove Tapatalk support?

Should we remove Tapatalk support on the site?

  • Yes

  • No

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I have never used it. In the past I have reported that when viewing the forum using either phone or tablet I am offered the choice of browser or tapatalk, and I don't appear to have a way of disabling that, which is annoying :)
And when I add a shortcut icon to my phone screen, for A2OCin Chrome, I get the Tapatalk logo. So annoying I had to create a custom icon, with a pic of my A2.
Sad, isn't it?


I'll leave it on for now for the handful of users. It's no big deal keeping it up to date.
It’s no different to using safari on my phone, it is of no real use as far as I can tell.
Only thing I’d say is why put a poll up with the majority voting to get rid of it and then post the above, that makes as much sense as using tapa wotsit. Just saying!!