The great not getting to and or not staying at 90 saga for the 1.4 tdi

Try switching the climate to Off, using the Off button, (not the rotary switch). This will close the flaps, so that little or no air will pass through the heater matrix.
If the engine temperature rises quicker, and ends up higher, you have the answer.
Totally lost with this statement. "not the rotary switch".
Totally lost with this statement. "not the rotary switch".

Likewise. I can only assume talking about the nine climate three rotary controlled heating controls but if so why talk about turning off climate


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For those who haven't seen it, see THIS THREAD to help you check the performance of your thermostat from a cold start to operating temperature.

If desired I could do another of these under different conditions (e.g. hard driving from cold as my house is at the bottom of a hill that leads on to a national speed limit straight B road that then leads to a major trunk route).