Timmus Audi A2 Upgrades, Retrofits and Repairs


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Hi Tom. I'd be interested in a few upgrades to my beloved and already mightily-specced A2 1.4. I'd be interested in the colour DIS (can it be set to display speed?), bluetooth integration (I have the Bose upgrade) and Komfortblinker indicators (can you get scrollers for an A2...?). Possibly also a multifunction steering wheel. Not sure how often you venture south, but I live in Chalfont St Giles in Buckinghamshire - close to junctions 16 & 17 on the M25. Can you give me an idea of price, too? Many thanks. Steve
Hi Steve,

I shall start a private conversation with you.

Colour DIS can indeed be set to display speed, either in mph or km/h.




Finally I have had cruise fitted to Jack!!! I put it off for so long, but finally bit the bullet as I always fancied it on my keeper. I had it on a couple of my older cars, and always fancied it.
Perfect job, excellent banter, and drove away a very happy punter...only downside is I keep forgetting I've got it lol...
Next job is to get the canbus cable replaced, for some reason the previous owner decided to cut it out....this was discovered by Tom, just by looking at it!!!!!
Cheers Tom, always a pleasure meeting up, will raid the pound coin jar and book you in again soon.
I'm a newbie on here & haven't formally introduced myself yet but I couldn't miss the opportunity of supporting Tom's thread. I was a real damsel in distress, having written my beloved A2 off. I brought a replacement A2 which annoyingly had many electrical gremlins. I couldn't open the doors, the alarm was constantly going off, the fuel flap wouldn't close, the interior lights failed to come on. I had taken the car to an independent Audi specialist in Nottingham who had the car for 7 weeks, they had an electrical specialist look at the car & their verdict it wasn't feasible to replace the CCCU. The only fault they could fix was the fuel flap & they wired this is in independently. Despite a very hefty bill I was left with a car that I still couldn't use. Then I spotted recommendations on the forum for Tom & messaged Tom, I was reassured right from Tom's first response. I took a road trip to Lancaster & in a single afternoon Tom replaced the CCCU, sorted out a bad solder in the drivers door & removed the circuit that the other garage had completed & restored the electrics to its original state. Tom was remarkable, totally cured all the gremlins, his expertise is 1st class and I too can't recommend him enough, Furthermore Tom is such a lovely guy and his charges are very reasonable. Thanks again Tom.


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Steve and John, I thank you both kindly for your positive feedback. Always nice to see new and known faces. :)

Kind regards,

Very tactful Tom, I bet you originally typed “new and old faces” then your “tact filter” kicked in.
But in my case I am not sensitive about my age😁. I have had MANY Years to get used to it.
Thanks again.
steve B