battery drain

  1. M

    Hazard lights waking up the car

    Dear Users! I post the problem in the diagnostics thread, maybe somebody can come up with an idea and hopefully with a solution. The problem (may be linked): The car will unlock itself indefinitely until the battery runs dry. First I noticed this problem at the start of the winter, when the...
  2. T

    CCCU change, battery drain and locking problems.

    Hello and greetings from Northern Europe. I bought A2 petrol 1.4 2001 earlier this year and have been reading this great forum ever since! I have had problems with battery drain (about 4-5 days when not in use) and with locking. Symptoms for locking problems: usually opens when tried couple of...
  3. ibesiano

    Central locking and power drain - how to open boot?

    Hi All May be a daft question... I have owned an A2 (52 plate 1.6 FSI) for six days but this morning after a heavy night of rain I put the key in the ignition, the radio came on then all lights all power off. The key fob has activated the doors and boot intermittently so far (OK after a five...
  4. W

    Audi A2 - Drainage on battery and buzzing from car when off!

    Hi all! Audi A2 2003 1.4 Diesel Firstly – first post here so thanks in advance for your time and advice. Owned the Audi for about 6 months now, enjoying it but a slight issue. Not hugely technically minded when it comes to cars so go easy on me! I’m getting a buzzing from my Audi A2 even...
  5. M

    Help Please - A2 2000 Battery Drain, Fuses 36 & 42 - Central Locking

    Hello. The title contains a lot but I think it's all connected. My question is below my 'quick' explanation. My battery drains in a day or so. I've checked current battery but also replaced the battery, just to be sure. Both do the same. I read this post>>...
  6. John L

    Electrical/battery drain issue

    I have been having an issue for quite some time now with the car running out of battery if it is left for more than a week or so. Removing fuses 36, 42 and 39 (central locking, other central locking and right hand doors) before parking seems to resolve the issue. Sometimes there is a slightly...
  7. D

    Flat battery, EPC Warning, Central Locking and Steering fault

    Ouch, I need some help! I started my car this evening, drove 4.5 miles and when I put the car into reverse to park, the power steering failed and the warning light came on. I turned the engine off and tried to restart as I thought it might be a simple fix to "re-set" the steering...