1. T

    Water in Rear Hatch

    Does anyone know where water might be leaking into the rear hatch door? Sometimes after rain, water starts leaking out of the latch area (onto my head) when the boot hatch is raised. The water would appear to be getting in when the hatch is closed though I'm not sure whether it gets in when the...
  2. Alan_uk

    Fitting 12V Socket in Boot (non OEM)

    I fitted this socket to facilitate a PV panel to charge the A2. During lockdown the battery would gradually become weaker due to the alarm system being on 24/7. I did consider a OEM socket but this would necessitate removing the left boot panel that goes over the rear nearside wheel, and I read...
  3. JM_A2

    Boot won't close, can anyone help?

    Hi all, I've decided to make a post to see if anyone would be able to help me out. I am currently at the end of a camping trip in Croyde, North Devon. Today, my boot catch has stopped working, leaving me with a boot that won't close and a four hour drive home tomorrow. I was wondering if...
  4. diggerinthedark

    I messed up replacing my boot lid trim. Now makes annoying rattle.

    Hello all! Just put my lovely new boot trim on (thanks A2Steve!!), and I'm guessing there was a clip or two still in place; that I managed to push into the interior of the boot lid... It now makes a very annoying metallic jangle every time I open and close it or even whilst driving. Can...
  5. S

    Tailgate gas struts

    I'm new to A2 ownership and I wanted to check if what I'm experiencing with the tailgate is normal or the gas struts need replacing. The tailgate opens fine and doesn't feel particularly heavy and holds open fine. However, when closing the tailgate it seems very easy for it slam closed very...
  6. tagscuderia

    Heavy boot, replace tailgate struts?

    Hello all, my tailgate is getting harder to open requiring you to push it open almost all the way. If I replace the struts, will that cure it or do I need to replace further parts? I've found 2 new genuine struts for £35, good deal? Cheers, much appreciated.
  7. UVK

    Water in battery area? ? ?

    Hiya, Well i've had my A2 for roughly a month now and love the thing to bits - but - When we first bought the car (1.4 TDi - 2001) there was a damp, musty smell - the previous owner said that the interior boot area had been wet vacced. I later found that the passenger side rear footwell...