1. C

    Bumper and Headlight alignment.

    What do you think caused this? The headlight and bumper is out of alignment? Accident repair? Headlight replacement? Large kerb or speed bump? Is it easy to fix?
  2. Alan_uk

    Viewing behind rear bumper without removal?

    Is it possible to view behind the rear bumper without removing it. i.e. by releasing the screws on the rear under tray and then peering into the rear of the bumper? I need to check that my rear parking sensors have been installed correctly; they must be fitted to a particular orientation.
  3. T

    How to pop out a bumper dent?

    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I was unfortunate/clumsy enough to reverse into a raised flower bed and put a crease in the underside of my rear bumper. No major damage done I don't think, but how can I get access to the inside of the bumper to push the creased area back into shape, please? I'm...
  4. Tommyboy

    Underside of front bumper.

    So my pine green Audi A2 is in pretty good shape for a 51 plate. The one thing really tainting it is the underside of the front bumper. It looks like the previous owner caught it a few times (or few hundred) and it's cracked, broken and shredded. Rest of the bumper is okay though. I'm pretty...
  5. Tommyboy

    Wanted area

    Hi, How long do I have to be a member before I can post in the wanted area?
  6. plumpton

    Fromt bumper removal/Intercooler directly behind the bumper

    Hi guys, as above really got a leaky intercooler, will be removing the front bumper, is it pretty much straight out after the bumper is off? kind regards plumpton ;)
  7. Birchall

    Front bumper change

    Hi My front bumper is a bit shabby and I have seen a replacement on eBay. How easy is it to change the front bumper? The mountings and bars are fine. And are all bumpers the same across all models apart from colour of course :) Cheers Steve B