A2 Future Classic says Daily Mail!


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1.6 FSI the one to have apparently........... must be true, it's in the Mail. ;o)
With so many being scrapped/broken due to their well-documented issues these days, they'll be the rarest ones in years to come and therefore presumably command the highest values. Pity the article didn't make this point clear enough though.

A2 Louis

Unreal isn't it - Oh well, lots more to be put aside when they won't start again ... Is @A2 Louis sitting on a fortune?
Am I sitting on a fortune? 🤔 🤔 🤔

I agree with Iain @Proghound i think the FSI’s will be the rarest to come across in the next 5 years because of them unfortunately getting scrapped all the time because of there known issues :(

it’s like Boris if I wouldn’t of brought him he would of been scrapped as he had lots of issues (now all fixed thankfully)

My goal is one day I’ll have 30 A2’s

10 TDI’s
10 FSI’S
10 1.4 PETROL

I’ll try and find a 1.2TDI as well

funny enough the farmer up my lane has a big empty stable and as I’m a good neighbor he said he would want £200 a month for it

so when I’m 18 and I can rent a unit/garage/stable out I’ll be buying a A2 every month😁

I think I’ll struggle to tax and insure them all😂


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I love the:

‘Look out for: Engine and electrical issues.’

That doesn’t cover much then .......


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I would say ratio of models for breaking is about 30% 1.4 16v, 65% FSI and 5 % TDI’s.

If my ratios are similar to others then considering there were far less FSI’s to start with then the FSI is going to be very rare indeed


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FSI is likely to be the sort after one in the future, because it was the top of the range, which is always the ones that the collectors want, they will all be garage queens so the FSI engine issues likely will not be a big concert (only driven from the garage onto a car transporter then off it at the other end and driven to the show stand. Repeat in reverse to get car back home

DJ 190

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Frequently mentioned (and exaggerated) is the "difficulty" of removing the the bonnet for access! One publication even stated that several bolts and screws were needed to be undone!. What nonsense! (I think that it was "Autocar") Don't these journalists do ANY research? We all know how easy it is and an infrequent action, anyway .....

Purely in terms of a collectibility, the !.6FSI might well be the one, but for everyday use, if you're not particularly mechanically minded, then I'll stick to the 1.4TDI75. Can't see many 1.6 versions getting to 250,000 miles without a lot of TLC.


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Think it will be a long time before people see the A2 as a classic car - another 10 years maybe.
I took my very tidy A2 (leather, opensky, rare option alloys etc) to a local car show earlier this year which accepted ‘modern’ cars as well as older classics. It got zero interest from the public.
The one thing that is indisputable about the A2 is that it was a Design classic when launched and remains so today.
So for the next few years it will be for the second hand car dealers to keep banging the ‘future classic’ drum as they do with everything over 15 years old.
Agreed FSI’s will be the most sought after once most of them have been broken for spares. (And by that time A2Louis will probably own 75% of all the remaining FSI’s and will be the ‘go to’ man for everybody still running one!!!)

Darren C

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Agree with the above. The club received similar comments from passers by at this years Kimbolton classic car and country fayre show.

It isn’t hard to understand why as it looks so modern by today’s standards, a testament to the innovation, design and execution of the car. Audi living up to its Vorsprung durch Technik philosophy in the fullest sense.

I guess people can be forgiven for not accepting it as conforming to the typical stereotype of a classic car for this reason. This in part is my rationale for resisting the urge to get an A2 plate this time around. I’m proud of my 54 plate (near 16 year old) ‘classic’.

As an FSI owner, I’m encouraged by the possibilities that the most maligned A2 may become a desirable commodity in the future. That said, I’m more encouraged that the A2 is recognised more often than not as a classic, regardless of specification or horse at the front.

These encouraging nods by the press, reciting what we have known for years, bodes well. Time for us all to toast to A2 ownership, a classic car that delivers quality, comfort, exceptional build and innovation in a retro package and one that still puts many of its modern day competitors to shame in doing so.


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TDI 90’s are certainly more rare but I suppose how collectible Diesel cars are in the future depends upon how demonised the fuel becomes over the next 10 years. The way the Government is directly and indirectly penalising owners of diesel cars has to be one of the greatest acts of hypocrisy of recent times given how previous Governments promoted Diesel as the great CO2 saviour for so many years. The ‘eco’ choice!
I was reading about a new model introduction yesterday ‘three petrol engines, a pure electric version, and one diesel - although the company does not expect the diesel engine to be a high volume seller’. How things have changed in 3 years!!
Maybe in 10 years time the few remaining diesel drivers will be back to fighting over the single ‘black’ pump on the petrol forecourt with the HGV’s!?