audi a2 air conditioning and tyres..


HEY GUYS, IM KINDA NEW TO MY AUDI A2 BUT WAS WONDERING, IVE GOT AN AUDI A2 2000 1.4 SE.....does it have air conditioning, i mean i can always get heater on, its always warm air but does it have air conditioning as in cool air an stuff....i cant seem to get it on, may be its just that it doesnt come with it so thought of asking...

and also anyone got any ideas where to get audi tyres from, i mean ive got the original manufactured alloy wheels but the treads are coming to an end....any ideas where to get the tyres from and how much would they roughly cost....cheers people bill
Hello Bill and welcome,

A little info from you would help:

Does your air control panel have 3 dials on it or is it a digital readout? If the former, you have standard manual heater controls and it's not possible to go lower than the ambient temperature outside.

If the latter, you have full single zone automatic climate control.

As to tyres, what size are your wheels, 14", 15", 16" or 17" (these are the standard sizes for the 1.2TDi, base models, SE and Sports variants respecively. When we know that, the can of worms marked 'Tyres' can be opened!