Normal intake manifold pressure AUA Engine???


Hi @here.
I got a cold shower this morning as i went to start my AUA Engine A2, (which was under heavy rain during night), and it wont start. I managed to start it cranking for extended time and engine light came on. Car was running very rough, and revving it made it worse. I found a bit of water in the exterior of the coil pack and where the electric wires attach to the injectors. All dried out changed spark plugs, and spark cables, and car started fine.

Persisting issue:
-Car running rich( fault codes before today and blacked out spark plugs)
-A bit shaky on idle but VCDS doesn't show any misfire after today service.

I checket MAP sensor and it was showing 443.5 mbar. Is this the correct value or MAP is defective??
Thank you guys.


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