Set DRLs with VAG-COM?


I've just bought an A2 1.4 TDI -05 and I would like to turn on the Daytime Running Lights. In Germany, where the car was bought, it's ok to run without DRLs but not here in Sweden.

Can I turn on the DRL just by using Vag-com or do I need wires and switches?
If so, where can I find the information about what settings I'm supposed to change?
For this car, will I need a CAN bus or will HEX do?

Hi Joee
I could not see anything in the module coding info so I don't think DRL is a feature that can be switched on with VagCom. Ideally, to check out the job yourself, you need a set of workshop manuals which include all the coding info and wiring diagrams etc.
If you dont have a source in Sweden these may still be available from Skipton - see link

Cheers Spike
DRLs are a function of the light switch itself and to activate the feature requires a physical modification of the switch contacts.


There is no way to set DRLs in software on the A2 - it is purely a function of the light switch and will need an extra relay and wiring to get it to work properly.


...if you just want headlights, bridge 57L and 57R with TFL on the switch. Take it out, read the markings and you'll see where I mean.

Much better way of doing it: use DRLs made for the job - just connect those directly onto the TFL pin. They will go out correctly, too.

Waking up an old thread instead of starting a new one.

What would you guys say that is the best way to have the low beams and parking lights come on when i start the car ?
(wife keeps forgetting to turn the lights on and the fine for driving without lights over here is about 200 euros and she keeps blaming me)

Have considered finding a new woman but thought I would start with trying to mod the car as that is a cheaper solution.

Would prefer to have the low beams come on instead of installing extra (DRL) lights

Hmmm, small problem, I don't have any "57" pins, only 56 and 58
But I am guessing i should be bridging TFL with 58R and 58L ?

The part no on the switch is : 8Z1 941 531 D5PR 11D and the car is manufactured late in 2004 for the german marked.

The pins on the switch are the following and in this order :

NSL, NL, 56*, 8, 56D, 56, TFL, Xr, Xz
58d, 58, 30, 58R, 58L,unmarked, SRA, 31

The 58R and 58L wires are grey/purple and grey/brown

Thanks in advance
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Thanks again :)

Well, as the law says that we must drive with low beams I think the bridging is the way to go.
I usually change my low beam bulbs every autumn anyway :)


And to get the rear parking lights to work to I would have to bridge TFL-56-58L-58R i guess ?
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This is where it starts getting interesting.

In 2011, all new cars will have TFL. Thing is, they have TFL with lights at the front and nothing else.

Finland has just had to change their own rules - they cannot stop cars which are delivered complying with EU R87 driving on their roads without changes.

Reading about it, it would appear that Norway has also accepted the ruling - so go get some LED TFL and put 'em in. It will make a big difference to consumption. Make 100% sure they have R87 approval on them!

I'll try and find a decent source for the arguments later, I do know it caused some consternation here.

That is interesting indeed, my best guess is that Norway will make their own (stupid) rule.

For now I think i will just bridge and accept the extra consumption as the fines are so high and it is only a matter of time till my better half gets pulled over for forgetting the lights.

Thought about getting LEDs for the parking lights and Xenons for the low beam (illegal over here as well as the car has to have headlight washers and auto height adjust) but the draw less amps than the halogen bulbs (about 3,4A vs 4,6A) and the light is 3x better.
But of course that is far more than R87 approved LED TFL's :)
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If one wanted to "DRL enable" just the front sidelights, how would I go about that?

From my understanding of this thread so far:

Dipped beam: bridge TFL with 56
Rear lights: bridge TFL with 58L & 58R
Front sidelights: ????

Any ideas?


It doesn't work like that and is illegal in most European countries, never mind not being DRL - the sidelights are not bright enough.

If you bridge, you get both on permanently, including the full internal christmas tree and the rear lights. You lose parking light functionality.

If you want to do it properly, you need two 1N4001s or similar to return your parking light function. That's the bridge to 58R and L.

OK, so if you wanted to have the following, what would you bridge (leaving the international legal regulations out of it)?

1. Front sidelights on with switch in position '0' and preferably no instrument cluster lights.

2. Front dipped beam on with switch in position '0' and preferably no instrument cluster lights.

Thanks and sorry for the second question. I'm just not 100% clear after the previous post.
1) is "not possible": I have not found a way to do this, including (believe it or not) running diodes.

2) Bridge TFL with 56. I do not know if the christmas tree would come on, I suspect not.