Set DRLs with VAG-COM?

Search the from it's been covered before. Use fogs as DRLs, wire them to the TFL pin on the standard light switch (you'll need to insert a pin in the connector), and that's it. Just not connected on original build.
The DRL pin is labled TFL (German for DRL I believe)
normally the DRL are done with High beam at 30% or so, rather than dip. And the switch is a direct switch, no BCM or CCCU involved. If you're just using a resistor rather than PWM, you'll soot up the inside of the bulb, so I'd either go PWM or find some of the Hella LEDs. The DRL rules are pretty simple.
This is another option:üsten-trockenlegung/page/2/ and one I really do need to do - the guy complained about my not-quite-fixed lights this time at Katsastus.

. Bret
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