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I was getting to work in the mornings recently and thinking I had sticky hands so went to wash them as soon as I got in. I was sure that I had cleaned my hands well after making my sandwiches, so I wondered what it was. Hmm, what do my hands do between setting off for work and getting there? I thought and thought then "LightBulb"...
I just cleaned my leather steering wheel for the first time ever (I have probably wiped it down a couple of times before) I wiped it with a hand cleansing wipe and it came away black, another two cloth wipes and it was a bit better. I will be getting some Stardrops this weekend. :eek:


Cool 😎. That seldom happens to me unfortunately. Ready to drive condition?
Yes and with an MOT until mid April, done 90k and in good clean condition apart from a small bit of damage to the front bumper and the guy said the brake pad indicator light is on. Hopefully the corrosion underneath isnt too bad but its been garaged a lot so might have saved the subframes etc better.

Going to pick it up next friday, so see how it drives on the way back and if all is ok, ill be offloading my 08 Yaris which is probably going to end up scrapped as no one will want it.


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Today I have refurbished 3 off Aero wiper arms and 1 hook style wiper arm paint is drying ATM then the hook arm is ready for member @Barts134 who wanted one and the three Aero wiper arms are available to who ever needs one on a first come first served basis. It’s the first time in months that I have got 3 of my 4 aero wiper arms here at the same time
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Today it was a wash and spray wax with some Dunlop Hydro Wax. Seems sensible stuff given it was £1.99 for a 500ml trigger pack.

Last weekend it was renewing the off-side fog lamp, upgrading low beam H7 lamps with the Osram Nightbreaker Laser lamps, also placing LED in the side lamp position and re-aligning them all.
Great improvement in low beam, but I put this down mainly to the re-alignment. I've realised just how even the spread of light can be, with minimal hot-spots.

Prior to Christmas, the suspension had four new OE dampers with top mounts and bump stops. The old dampers were rather shot at 136k miles. Together with a new track rod end and tracking, she now drives rather well.

To round out the improvements the wheels were refurbished and fitted with Bridgestone A005 all-season tyres.

We do like our little A2 and, after six years good service, we thought it was about time we repaid her with some TLC.


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Not really today.... but earlier this week I had Quatro-tech whilst I was in Peterborough replace the drivers door-check strap, and also check and replenish the air-con ready for summer.


.....went to Portsmouth Audi to see if they could supply some early service history for the Dog, sorry, Dolphin, which came with absolutely nothing when I bought it. The very helpful service engineer could only locate one entry in 2005 with the mileage at 28500, and gave me an apologetic smile when he saw the disappointment on my face. “It could be worse, Sir,”, he added, “ the other week we had an A4 in here with 60000 miles showing and still on it’s original oil”.