1. T

    Accompany me on a car viewing MK area??

    Hi all. I've spotted an A2 I'm interested in for sale Milton Keynes way and am hoping one of you experienced person would be interested in joining me to give it a good once over? It's from a garage and from the photos and details looks great, but I'm not assuming anything! Could pick you up and...
  2. S

    Warning Light ABS? Brakes? Unsure

    Hi everyone, It happens pretty much every drive now, where the beep shouts at me and this comes up: My most likely guess is a faulty ABS sensor? Although I'm really not sure. Could anyone identify this? Thanks much, -Saff
  3. A

    Chat I'm new here and looking for advice, what is something you wish you knew before buying your A2?

    Hi I am from Germany, the home of the A2 and I'm looking for advice on the A2. On the German A2 forum I learned that the 1.4 TDI (75) is supposedly the most robust (as in most reliable) A2 of all. I should mention that I never had a car and this would be my first one. What do you think is a...
  4. A

    Interior Lights Suddenly Stopped Working

    Hello fellow a2 owners, yesterday i was replacing the interior boot light bulb since it stopped working a few days ago, and since the new LED bulb is significantly bigger i had to try multiple times to make it fit properly, unfortunately at one point all the interior lights turned off and...
  5. MacKWT

    Break warning after pad/disc change

    Hi All I‘m a veritable novice for almost all things mechanical. The A2 is my test-bed! Just changed front discs and pads, for the first time. Brakes all seem to be working fine, but the screachy warning is coming on with the orange brake pad warning symbol. Can the sensor be connected the...
  6. S

    Information A2 1.4 tdi sport 75bhp

    I have a 52 plate, immaculate bodywork, black A2. It’s currently sat in my drive and has been immobile for about 3 years, I’d love to get it moving again. Prior to going onto the drive the car, while out driving, would suddenly cut out & would leave me stranded until numerous attempts to restart...