1.6 fsi

  1. SoftwareAndSwarfega

    FSI - Lumpy idle and Cylinder misfires fixed!

    Hi I bought my FSI back in early September and she’s never felt quite right. I just thought I’d post what symptoms she had and what I did to resolve them; it’s nothing that is not mentioned elsewhere but I hope it may of be use to someone else to have them in one place. So, from day one there...
  2. B

    Poor pickup in low revs / occasional misfires

    Hi all, I bought a cheap 1.6FSi a few months ago and slowly getting to sort out the issues with it. I found a problem with the car needing higher revs than I expected to pull away, but also below 3000 rpm the engine felt like it was being strangled - it reminded me of a MAF error I had in an old...
  3. A2ALI

    EGR Pipe replacement on 1.6 FSI

    Have a cracked EGR pipe on my 2002 1.6 FSI, have been quoted around £470 for part and labour - is that reasonable? They tried to look at some kind of patch repair, but need to get it out to do it so might as well replace.
  4. E

    [1.6 FSI] - Fan module + VCDS + HVAC

    OK here we go, Fans will not come on. I read the wiring diagrams and the inhibit signals go through the ECU and the HVAC module. 1. The engine output tests will not turn on the fans at all. 2. I cannot connect to the HVAC module, too many comms errors. 3. I get 12v at the thick cable going...
  5. engine swap 1.6fsi.jpg

    engine swap 1.6fsi.jpg

    Engine swap 1.6fsi
  6. H

    Looking at buying a 1.6 FSI

    Greetings all Having been lurking on the forum for a few days, it's time for my first post, and I feel it could be a contentious subject. The question is - should I buy a 1.6 FSI which refuses to rev? I've been keeping an eye on it for a while. It's a 2002 with leather and sunroof, and...
  7. F

    1.6 FSI misfire and cutting out

    Hi all, I signed up to this forum as I currently have a members car (Chipper) stranded on my driveway since Christmas. He has been having hot starting problems for sometime, but it lost engine power and cut out a few miles from my house. I was able to restart and rescue the car after letting it...
  8. E

    Coolant level warning light

    Morning - took my 1.6 FSI for a 200 mile round trip over the weekend with mostly motorway miles. The car almost exclusively does short runs in town. The morning of the second day, what I think is the coolant level warning light came on on cold start. I added some water the to the expansion tank...
  9. E

    [1.6 FSI Sump] - Number and location of bolts

    Hi all, I would like a solid response from someone that has removed the sump from their a2. How many M6 bolts have you take off. I can only measure 18 that I have removed whereas the parts diagram lists 20. There appear to be another two right next to the flywheel but I cannot fathom how one...
  10. fjpsuarez

    My french lovely A2

    Hello guys! Last 2 years we were enjoying so much our 1.6 fsi Pack Plus. We took her to discover France and enjoy the 24h Le Mans. We decided to buy her due to fuel consumption, weight/power ratio and small size. She is practical and easy to park at Paris thanks to rear sensors as well. Our...
  11. larax

    "Non-runner for years" 1.6 FSI worth buying?

    Hi Everyone! Firstly thanks for letting me join to this group! The reason I'm here to get some advice whether worth buying an A2 which wasn't used for years or not?! Today I've been in Bradford to check out two Audi A2. (I'm currently living in Leeds) One in light blue (maybe baby blue) and...
  12. Josh16538

    1.6fsi clutch problems

    The car is a 1.6fsi and has covered 91000 miles, a warning light came on 5 days ago that was the brake fluid light so I topped it up, the car is now low again I topped it up but it is currently leaking fluid from under the engine on the very bottomfrom a join of two parts, the clutch pedal is...
  13. thestable

    A2 cluster light - Engine light... removeable?

    I'm slowly getting somewhere with the engine problems with my FSI ... well I'm not the dealer I bought it from is allegedly sorting it at a garage. Not long after I bought the car i noticed that the engine warning/management light was not turning on and off at start up like the other lights...
  14. B

    1.6 Induction Kit

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone has found a 1.6 induction kit? I am really struggling to find one, I purchased a Jetex kit from DC Performance, Listed it as suitable for the 1.6 then canceled and said its not the right one :mad: . I am struggling to find any performance engine parts in...
  15. E

    [1.6 Fsi] - Flap Actuator Debugging

    Hello all, Before you say anything, I have looked for this on the forum but to be honest the amount of information is overwhelming and not really sure what is there to check other than taking the whole intake apart and have alook myself. Is there a way of actually telling what causes the...
  16. A

    Information After 8 wonderful years . . .

    Hi Everyone, Some of you will know that the original concept for the A2 was as an EV. I have loved driving my A2 in every aspect - ride, control, comfort, economy, reliability and looks. But now I am moving on to my first all electric (BMW i3) which shares some of the looks and ahead of its...