advice wanted

  1. safbeafbe

    Body Shop Advice?

    Hi everyone, Did some damage a few months back. Front bumper, drivers side, scrape against the corner of a brick wall as I was pulling out of my mum's drive. With both parents in the car. Oops. Bought the car with a small-ish scrape on the rear bumper drivers side too. Pics attached. Does...
  2. Rorybtc

    Power Steering Pump advice

    Hello everyone, I'm a recently new member to the group and I'd like to ask some advice regarding my current projects power steering pump. I bought my 2002 A2 1.4 petrol a couple of months ago with a knackered gearbox and power steering pump, the whole car was in a bit of a sorry state - the...
  3. Hoachy

    MOT advisories parts advice

    Got a few advisories and thought I would turn to the experts on here for recommendations on where to source parts, before I start seeing what I can find. The parts I am after are - Front discs and pads. - Offside front brake hose. - Offside rear handbrake cable (I've put a comment in the group...
  4. C

    Bumper and Headlight alignment.

    What do you think caused this? The headlight and bumper is out of alignment? Accident repair? Headlight replacement? Large kerb or speed bump? Is it easy to fix?
  5. Damian Bond

    Chat What to look out for at 150,000 miles on a TDI 75?

    Evening/morning I’m in need of some advice, after my first 3 months and 10,000 miles of ownership all seems to be well with my A2. all the milage is due to me being between jobs and having the time on my hands to appreciate this car. I’m just wondering is there’s anything in particular to...
  6. Hoachy

    Fitting new stereo

    Morning, After a long wait I finally managed to get my hands on a replacement concert CD player for my A2. Unfortunately I have never had to do anything with a car radio before and I had a few questions I hope someone can help me with. 1. I assume it is unplug the existing stereo and plug in...
  7. vaderstep

    Introduction and question

    Hey! Been wanting an a2 for years, for that sweet sweet milage and that aluminium body. I wish to do a full service on it once i buy one, and see how many years i can keep it. But before i buy one, id love to hear from you guys, wich edition/year/engine is prefered ? Maybe they all are pretty...
  8. Hoachy

    Child Seat

    I recently purchased an A2 as I needed a more practical car for my small family and I am looking to get a child seat (Group 1 or Group 1/2/3). This is the first time I have bought a child seat and was wondering if any one had any recommendations or any A2 specific advice? I did search the forum...