1. C

    Poor A2 😢 Manual rear window doesn’t go up!

    Just noticed today that my window has been open a small amount (for over a week!!! lol) Only using the car for short journeys at the moment so will wedge something in there to stop it dropping after everytime I pull it back up. It’s not electric, I have manual winding windows at the back...
  2. kml666

    Resurection - how to turn engine without starting

    My A2 was SORN end of July 2019 - it was wheel bearing and other suspension problems. I keept engine running twice in month for 10-15min ... until battery decide to die 8 months a go. I'm going to collect new battery today and connect to car. I was told by mechanic to disconnect something so car...
  3. C

    Audi A2 1.4 TDI 75 (AMF) Flywheel

    Can anyone provide details of where to get one? Searched for some part numbers and not sure what’s right / wrong please share a few links! the car is a 2002 1.4 tdi AMF engine (75BHP)
  4. ecurb

    Chat A2 written off whilst getting new tyres fitted at National Tyres!

    Fellow A2 enthusiasts, I am posting here to share a warning about how my A2 which has survived over 200k miles of safe driving along with good maintenance has been written off as a Category S last week. Can you tell what's wrong with it? You would be forgiven if you can't see anything...
  5. maxxis

    A2 from Russia

    Dreams Come True! I dreamed about buying A2 for a long time. My first car was the Russian auto industry worth one or two of my salaries. Of course, he performed his functions, but I knew a lot more: the arrangement of car components, self-repair outside the service conditions, daily large...
  6. L

    installing new intercooler on my Audi A2 1.4tdi PART 2

  7. L

    And If You Don't know ........ Now You Know how to remove fog light

    how to remove fog light
  8. Alan_uk

    'Millions' of Volkswagen cars can be unlocked via hack - BBC story

    Just saw this BBC website story: 'Millions' of Volkswagen cars can be unlocked via hack. The problem affects a range of vehicles manufactured between 1995 and 2016 - including VWs and models from the company's Audi, Seat and Skoda brands. Based on...
  9. Alan_uk

    Audi builds moon rover using A2 technology for 2017 delivery

    Stumbled across this page about Audi building a moon rover for delivery (touch down) in 2017. To be named 'Audi lunar quattro'. They say they are using their light weight engineering expertise. It's electric of course. Hope they don't fudge the range ;)...
  10. gclough

    Anti-theft wheel caps?

    Hi Everyone, I've got an Audi A2 FSI Sport with the 17" wheels, and as expected some ******* stole the wheel caps. I've got a new set, but before I put them on I wanted to know if anyone had ideas on how to make them just a little bit more difficult to steal? My plan is to install M5 x...
  11. A

    Information Looking to buy an A2 in the next two months.... But I would like some extra info! :)

    Hey Guys First of all, brilliant forum, lots of interesting facts etc, love it! I am new to the forum as I am going to go and buy myself an A2 in the next few months, but first of all I was wondering on things to look out for? Common problems, sounds that suggest further issues with the car...
  12. A

    Going for VAG-COM (VCDS).....

    Hi Guys, Now that we have a fleet of VAG cars in the family (Audi A5 TDI , Audi A2 TDI, Golf GT TDI, Passat TDI, Tiguan TDI...phew!) I am considering getting the VAG COM (VCDS) system. I would prefer the original Ross-Tech version I think after reading up on some of the other 'aftermarket'...
  13. gclough

    Alfie Motors - Holloway, London

    Hi Gang, Well I've moved house, and I still need someone good to diag the AC. I came across Alfie Motors: Has anyone used them, and have good, bad, or horror stories about them? The website is amateur, and the location is down an alley... but it's...
  14. L

    Information New Volksdevil Annual Gathering website. Hello all :) Ive been working none stop on the new website, i hope its what people want in a show site...Clear enough and easy enough to get the important info from. A2OC members are more than welcome to attend and have a stand next year if you so wish. Its the same...
  15. C

    Speedo in miles to register in UK

    Hi guys, i have my speedometer showing Kilometers and in order to register my left hand drive Audi A2, 1.4TDi, 2001 in UK i need to convert it to Miles. Do you have any ideas on the cheapest way to do so? Because one of local Audi services gave me a quote of about £500 for the job, which looks a...