1. M

    Brake pedal hissing???

    Hello I’m new to this group. Just looking for advice. Anyone have an idea why my brake pedal is hissing, like an air leak on it?i
  2. S

    The time has come to make a decision

    Hi guys, Been a minute, hope everyone's well. The time has come to make a decision, and I need some advice. I've had a wonderful year with Jim the FSI, but we've had some bad luck - the brake servo is malfunctioning. It's been nearly 3 weeks since he's been off the road with this issue, and...
  3. beachedolphin

    Mysterious ABS Fault

    Hi folks, Yesterday I got a very slight grind from the front end then the dash desided to light up with three warning lights triangle with circle round it, the ABS then a red circle in the middle instrument cluster with three beeps and then the brake peddle went a little light and spongey...
  4. S

    Warning Light ABS? Brakes? Unsure

    Hi everyone, It happens pretty much every drive now, where the beep shouts at me and this comes up: My most likely guess is a faulty ABS sensor? Although I'm really not sure. Could anyone identify this? Thanks much, -Saff
  5. G

    Possible faulty brake cylinder

    Started the car, while pressing the brake pedal and turning the key the pedal gave away and went to the floor. Had to drive home carefully with limited braking capacity. There was some fluid missing. Filled it up and tried braking. The pedal goes to the bottom with a swooshing sound. Can not see...
  6. Alan_uk

    Is it possible to stop an A2 with no working servo?

    I was passing though Bradford on Avon (near Bath) today; a small historic town suffering from traffic and pollution** (made worse lately by an alternative route that has been closed for months). So trying to minimise my A2 diesel fumes I turned my engine off, (as I do in queues, traffic lights...
  7. Alan_uk

    Recommendations for back plate/dust covers/stone guards/splash panel (take your pick ;)

    Hi. MOT on Friday. It doesn't run out until a month's time, just getting in early as last year had advisory re pitting on front disks. Hardly used the car since the last MOT - just 2,000 miles, but I know the pitting gets worse if the car is idle. I'll probably go for Mintex disks and pads again...
  8. MacKWT

    Break warning after pad/disc change

    Hi All I‘m a veritable novice for almost all things mechanical. The A2 is my test-bed! Just changed front discs and pads, for the first time. Brakes all seem to be working fine, but the screachy warning is coming on with the orange brake pad warning symbol. Can the sensor be connected the...
  9. L

    How to Bleed The Brakes On Audi A2

  10. Au2ro

    brake shoes slipping off wheel cylinder piston

    I have had problems with the drum brakes on my A2 ever since getting it but was happy keeping on maintaining them until the garage seemed not to want to help solve the underlying problem without me chucking loads more money at them. The rear brakes have often been binding and the garage has...
  11. John L

    Brake bleeding A2 1.2Tdi and brake questions.

    The rear brake shoes and pumps were changed on my car. The car is a 2002 buld with rear drum brakes. The guys doing the work are not so familiar with the car and so were struggling a bit to pump the rear brakes. I have the car back now and the brake peddle is soft. Is there an easy way to...
  12. Alan_uk

    Brake Pad Wear Sensor Repair Guide - Repairing the Socket

    This is a guide to repairing the brake wear sensor plug and socket. Disclaimer This guide is used entirely at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any consequences in following this guide. This guide is definitely not recommended for fixing the wheel rotation sensor. Safety As...
  13. G

    Brake pressure sender?

    Hello All On my way to a wedding in Devon last week the car beeped a few times from the dash and the ABS light came on with a main exclamation mark on the dash on solid. I pulled into a garage to check it out 'cos I was worried about it as it was to do with brakes. In a nut shell they ran a...